Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Battle Scars are Cool

February, a new month and one month closer to spring. Although I have to say winter isn't that bad. Sure it's cold and windy at times and there is lots of snow (at least in Manitoba), but there is an upside. No mosquitoes! But that's true of anything I suppose, there is always a silver lining, an upside, one positive amongst the negative. Admittedly it's hard to see sometimes but it is there.

I just finished watching week six video of Book of Days, and Effy, our hostess is not feeling the winter weather at all. And yet without that feeling of blah she wouldn't have created a beautiful colourful playful tree.

I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this. Maybe it's in the search for the elusive positive that we can find that which makes us content. That was a bit on the philosophical side wasn't it? I think I need more coffee.

On the more practical side, my current (and only fingers crossed) bout with cancer is almost at an end. The chemo is done and all that's left is the surgery to re-hook up my plumbing. March 14th and all visible signs of my battle will be gone. Well almost all. I will have the scars, but hey battle scars are cool!

There is something cathartic in being able to point to a scar and say "I got this one fighting the evil cancer dragon. He may have got me good but I'm here and he isn't!"